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Lvl 20 questchain for obtaining a water totem. The quests took me about 2-3 hours to complete even though using the Bat handlers…How to become a Scarab LORD in Vanilla | Classic WoW Quest… full step-by-step guide to becoming a Scarab Lord in Vanilla/Classic WoW and receiving the Black Qiraji Battle Tank. Timestamps: Step 1: 00:30 Step 2: 00:5...

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The guide will take you across the best alliance quests in the most efficient way( Broken up into zones), which will allow you to level up quickly. Classic WoW leveling guide: how to level up fast in vanilla ... Aug 29, 2019 ... This WoW Classic leveling guide isn't intended to be a true speedrunning ... The good news is that Classic WoW is stuffed full of quests. Leveling: List of Classic Dungeon Quests - Guides - Wowhead Classic dungeon quests from Ragefire Chasm through Stratholme. I made this guide mainly to help individuals who wish to break up the monotony of questing ... WoW Classic Leveling Guides and Recommended Quest Zones Aug 26, 2019 ... Leveling in Classic WoW is very different from Battle for Azeroth, with no dynamically-scaling zones in Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms. To help ...

Blackfathom Deeps – Vanilla WoW Guide Prerequisite to this quest is [22] Trouble in the Deeps, listed above. [22] Allegiance to the Old Gods (Not Shareable) – Quest is started by the Damp Note item, dropped by the elite Blackfathom Tide Priestesses on the way to the instance portal. (vanilla)Spreadsheet of (mostly)all levelling dungeon ... vanilla (vanilla)Spreadsheet of (mostly)all levelling dungeon quests and their pre quests (self.wowservers) submitted 4 years ago by crabsnumberone I was bored waiting for nost maybe one of you will find it useful. Vanilla WoW Quest Helper: Is Questie All You Need? Make the most out of your gameplay with this Vanilla WoW Quest Helper article, which provides info on the top 2 addons.

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